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Long interested in the creation and construction of discourses, Dr. Willette has published a book on the intellectual matrix of original art critical response to Cubism, The Writing of Cubism: The Construction of a Discourse 1910-1914 (2012) and New Artwriting. Creating a Culture of Cyber Criticism (2013), an examination of the production of knowledge in a postmodern age of “little narratives,” both available on her Amazon page. For years she has written and spoken against what she considers unethical practices in academic publishing, Dr. Willette insists on writing and presenting her work on her own terms. The most recent book, Falling Through Postmodernism, Volume One: Blindness (2015), consists of three long form essays, reconsidering topics left behind in the wake of postmodernism. Each essay deals with objects we do not want to see: the powerful and reproachful Jewish content in the paintings of Anselm Kiefer, the invisible architecture of fascist Italy, and the quarantined photography from September 11th. In all of these instances, the culture was inflicted with blindness, both willful and negligent, a condition that needs to be analyzed in this post-postmodern era.

All books are available on Dr. Willette’s Amazon Page.

Falling Through Postmodernism. Volume One: Blindness (Volume 1)


New Artwriting: Creating a Culture of Cyber Criticism


The Writing of Cubism: The Construction of a Discourse, 1910-1914