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Art History Unstuffed is designed for serious students of art history seeking to supplement current course work and/or to augment current knowledge. This site has been developed specifically for the Internet, providing discrete objects of knowledge, divided into small units. By separating the traditional art history course into segments, the site allows the client to easily find only what s/he wants, without having to search through an entire book. Art History Unstuffed is an anti-textbook, thicker and chunkier than the traditional all-inclusive text, which can only skim the topics. This website has the luxury of writing in detail and diving deep into the content, often presented in numerous sequential parts. Unlimited by physical space that hampers an old-school text, or time, which constrains the lecturer in the classroom, the site allows for an infinite number of “learning objects” or information units available for convenient consumption on the reader’s own terms.

Just as this site is anti-textbook, it is also anti-classroom experience and Art History UnStuffed does not attempt to constitute an entire course–that would be following a twentieth century model. In the twenty-first century, the student of art history expects to garner information from a number of sources, and, like a bricoleur, s/he assembles numerous texts gathered from key word association. This is how we learn today, in mosaic fashion. The author of Art History Unstuffed has synthesized numerous respected sources to compose a detailed study of each topic. Seeking the most up to date commentary on the content, the author provides links or references to recommended sources. Therefore, regardless of its name, this site is expansive and includes history, art criticism, philosophy and critical theory, areas in the humanities that are uniquely connected to the visual arts and provide a crucial context for understanding art and artists.

The author’s methodology is that of the New Art History, emphasizing context. Although the scope of the site is carefully limited–from the eighteenth century to present–the goal is to present a “thick description” of the designated time period and examines the impact of economics and politics and literature upon art. What distinguishes Art History Unstuffed from other sites is the fact that it is totally produced, presented, written and published by the author who is solely responsible for the content. Just as there is no outside funding, there are no other writers, meaning that the author is able to maintain quality control and academic freedom. Unlike other materials on art history, this site is not password protected, does not require a subscription, and demands no money from the readers who are not subjected to advertising. Art History Unstuffed is dedicated to the free and equal distribution of knowledge and no profit is made from this project.

The material is presented in self-contained units which can be collected by the reader according to his or her interests and needs. These posts are organized in categories and when a category is accessed, all of the posts under this broad designation are presented in a continuous scroll. Or the reader can search for a specific artist or writer. Or the reader can access the “Table of Contents” and peruse the possibilities. Each entry on this page is linked to the desired post. Some of the chapters are in a text form, others are delivered as a podcast, written and read by the author. Just as a building rises from its foundations and adds rooms, over time, this site will grow not only in number of posts but also in the depth of the information provided.

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