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Dr. Willette often writes for other publications and some of this work is available on the Internet. In addition to publishing Art History Unstuffed, she also is a regular contributor to the Los Angeles art magazine, Art Scene and is a featured writer for the British philosophical journal, Heathwood Press.

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Heathwood Press. An Independent Theoretical Organisation for Social Progress


New Series of Heathwood Press on the Historical Avant-Garde on the one hundredth anniversary of The Great War by Dr. Jeanne S. M. Willette

Coming this Summer

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Paul Nash. Void (1918)

Articles for Heathwood Press available on the Web

“Postmodernism and the Past”

Reprinted May 25, 2013

“Theodore Adorno and The Culture Industry

Reprinted August 15, 2012, Heathwood Press

Walter Benjamin’s Origin of German Tragic Drama

Reprinted November 30, 2012, Heathwood Press

Post-Colonial Theory: Historical Context

Reprinted August 2013, Heathwood Press

Post-Colonial Theory: Frantz Fanon

Reprinted October 2013, Heathwood Press

Post-Colonial Theory: Edward Said

Reprinted November 2013, Heathwood Press

Post-Colonial Theory: Can the Sulbarten Speak?

Reprinted January 2014, Heathwood Press

Four Part Series on Michel Foucault

“Michel Foucault, The Order of Things, Part One”

“Michel Foucault, The Archaeology of Knowledge, Part Two”

“Michel Foucault: Discipline and Punish, Part Three”

Reprinted Spring 2014, Heathwood Press

Selected Articles for Artscene by Dr. Jeanne S. M. Willette available on the Web

“Shepard Fairey” Artscene May 2014 p. 15-16 “Global Voices” Artscene March 2014 “Project 48: Andrea Bowers #Sweetjane” Artscene February 2014 “Celebrating 70 Years of the Scripps Ceramic Annual” Artscene January 2014 “Dataviz” Artscene January 2013 p. 19-20 “Adam Berg” Artscene June 2013 p. 19-20 “California Pacific Triennial” Artscene p.15-16 “Asian American Portraits of Encounter” Artscene September 2013 p. 20-21 “Art for Art’s Sake: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation” Artscene November 2013 p. 22-23 “Alexis SmithArtscene May 2013 “John BaldessariArtscene May 2012 “Martha Alf Artscene December 2012 Best Kept Secret Artscene January 2012 “Proof Artscene March 2012 “Mark Leonard” June 2011 ArtsceneArt in the StreetsArtscene July 2011 “Martin LudnerArtscene October 2011 “Jorg DubinArtscene November 2011 “Best Kept SecretArtscene January 2012 “ProofArtscene March 2012 “Clay’s Tectonic Shift