The Art Deco Posters of Cassandre, Part One

 Cassandre: The Face of Art Deco Posters and Fonts One of the major artists to emerge at the International Exposition of Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925 was the man who won the first prize for his graphic design, an artist known as “Cassandre.” The significance...

The Fate of Fonts, Part Four

History of French Fonts, Part Two Cassandre and the Fonts of Art Déco A. M. Cassandre, as the artist sometimes signed himself, was also known more simply as “Cassandre.” Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron (1901-1968) burst on the Parisian scene as Cassandre with a...

The Fate of Fonts, Part Three

History of French Fonts, Part One Cassandre and Deberny et Peignot When an artist heaped with honors in his lifetime, including the being promoted an officer of the French Legion of Honor, ends his career with suicide that is a terrible tragedy and a great loss to the...

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