German Artists at War, Part Two

GERMAN ARTISTS AT WAR The Good Soldier, Part Two A battlefield is not an artist’s natural habitat. Fighting in combat is not an artist’s métier.  But Franz Marc (1880-1916) wrote very militant and martial tracts for the Blue Rider Almanac. In 1912 he said...

Jacob Epstein and The Rock Drill

Jacob Epstein: Taylorism and Masculinity on the Eve of the Great War The origins of Jacob Epstein’s Rock Drill (1913) and its meanings have been historically confused by two historical coincidences: the date of execution is the same as that of Marcel...

Imagining The Great War, Part One

The Coming Apocalypse: Kandinsky and Marc Never such innocence, Never before or since, As changed itself to past Without a word — the men Leaving the gardens tidy, The thousands of marriages Lasting a little while longer: Never such innocence again.            ...

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