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Art historian and art critic, Dr. Jeanne S. M. Willette lives and works in Los Angeles. An art historian at Otis College of Art and Design, the widely published author covers the local art scene and is the publisher of the website Art History Unstuffed.

With an international audience, this website and its accompanying podcasts provide the 21st version of learning about art, history, philosophy, and theory.

Synthesizing the most updated research and commentary on topics in modern and contemporary art and theory, the website issues weekly posts which explain challenging concepts for an audience of art history peers and advanced students of art and philosophy. The posts are arranged chronologically and are designed to build knowledge over a series of discussions, establishing the intellectual context and the aesthetic matrix for cultural production. Beginning students are invited to view a series of almost thirty videos on the survey of art, an Art History Timeline, from the caves through Romanticism, accessed through iTunesU and YouTube. In addition to Art History Unstuffed, Dr. Willette has published a book of her podcasts, Art History Unstuffed: The Podcasts is available through the iBookstore.

Long interested in the creation and construction of discourses, Dr. Willette has published a book on the intellectual matrix of original art critical response to Cubism, The Writing of Cubism: The Construction of a Discourse 1910-1914 and New Artwriting. Creating a Culture of Cyber Criticism, an examination of the production of knowledge in a postmodern age of “little narratives.” Her latest publication, also by AHS Publishing, Falling Through Postmodernism, Volume One: Blindness, concerns three major issues of the postmodern period that need reconsideration – concepts to which the culture was “blind.” All of these books are available on her Amazon page

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