Photographing Poverty in Nineteenth Century America

Jacob Riis and the Other Half During a period of open borders, the Age of Mass Migration, which extended from 1850 to 1913, brought thirty million individuals, men, women, children, and families to the New World. They came in ships that were built increasingly larger...

Photographing the Other: Edward Curtis, Part Two

Photography as Re-Enactment Part Two When photographer Edward Curtis began his monumental twenty volume project on the Native American Tribes of North America, the term “documentary photographer,” had yet to be invented. Such was the certainty that a...

Photographing the Other: Edward Curtis, Part One

Photography as Re-Enactment Part One It is difficult to know what to do with Edward Curtis (1868-1952)–was he a photographer, an anthropologist, an ethnographer, a film director, a historian? Did he combine all of these disciplines or did Curtis participate in...

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