Camouflage at Sea

Based upon the knowledge of how the animal kingdom disguised itself to blend into a hostile environment, modern camouflage, still used today, allows the soldier to disappear and blend into the landscape. At sea, however, the issue of camouflage presented a very...

Camouflage on Land

According to Romy Golan, writing of the avant-garde artists who served on the battlefield in Modernity and Nostalgia: Art and Politics in France Between the Wars: “Some, like Dunoyer de Segonzac and Hebin, were drafted into the new camouflage sections; although...

Designing New Bodies

In her book, Recycling the disabled: Army, medicine, and modernity in WWI Germany, Heather R. Perry, began by noting that the German veterans who were physically challenged insisted on being called “war cripple” (Kriegskrüppel) to distinguish themselves from the “war...

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