The French, the Holocaust and Sarah’s Key (2011)

REMEMBERING SARAH The deportation of French Jews to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps raises questions similar to those asked of the Germans—how could such supposedly “civilized” peoples enter into a cold-blooded program of mass extermination?  Sarah’s...

Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010)

WITH WERNER HERZOG  IN “THE CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS” Thirty thousand years ago.  This is when art began.  Chauvet Cave. This is where art began.  Southern France near the Pont d-arc formation.  This is where the first art was made.  This is the oldest and...

James Higginson’s Willful Blindness (2012)

SEEING AS WILLFUL BLINDNESS A film by James Higginson Unlike all other art forms invented out of modern technology, film has remained stubbornly entrenched in its pre-industrial heritage. Even though the technology of “moving images” allowed for a wide range of...

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