Rephotographic Survey: Re-Seeing the West

Rephotographic Survey Project Following Footsteps of the First Photographers The idea of re-photographing the already photographed was not exactly a new one in the 1970s as evidenced by the re-photographing of Canyon de Chelly by Ansel Adams who stood in the shoes of...

Debating Timothy O’Sullivan (1840-1882) Part One

Timothy O’Sullivan: Exploring the West Part One In retrospect, it is something of an oddity that twenty-one year old Timothy O’Sullivan was not drafted into the ranks of the Union Army for the American Civil War. After all many young Irishmen, fresh to the...

Alexander Gardner (1821-1882) The Civil War

Alexander Gardner and the Civil War Referring of his work as a photographer of the American Civil War, Alexander Gardner said, “It is designed to speak for itself. As mementos of the fearful struggle through which the country has just passed, it is confidently hoped...
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