Wyndham Lewis and Vorticism

Percy Wyndham Lewis (1882–1957) Wyndham Lewis was born on a yacht named “Wanda,” attended the famous Rugby School in England and was educated as an artist at the Slade School in London. He began well but he ended badly, labeled a fascist, who scuttled back...

Jacob Epstein and The Rock Drill

Jacob Epstein: Taylorism and Masculinity on the Eve of the Great War The origins of Jacob Epstein’s Rock Drill (1913) and its meanings have been historically confused by two historical coincidences: the date of execution is the same as that of Marcel...

Jacob Epstein and Oscar Wilde

Jacob Epstein and Sensational Art Modernity and the Male Nude in Sculpture One of the most promising and interesting artists of the new century was the Anglo-American artist, Jacob Epstein (1880-1959), until he simply ceased to be interesting. Although he had a long...

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