Photographing Victorian Fantasies, Part Two

Fairies and Spirits: Resisting Modernity Part Two: The Fairies Arrive In Strange and Secret Peoples. Fairies and Victorian Consciousness (1999), Carol Silver, explained that fairies were a uniquely English phenomenon, part of the folklore of the British Isles. The...

Photographing Victorian Fantasies, Part One

Fairies and Spirits: Resisting Modernity Part One: The Spirits Return The English fin-de-siècle was quite different from the French fin-de-siècle. A mere glance at the art of London in comparison to that of Paris shows a French society racing ahead to the twentieth...

Composite Photography in Victorian Times

Photography as Collage In the halls of the history of photography, the name of William Notman (1826-1891), does not often appear, and yet he is one of the most adept practitioners of the Victorian phenomenon known as “composite” photography or...

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