Italian Fascist Design, Part Two

 Design as Theater, Part Two Designing for Dictators To design for dictators in the twentieth century was to invent a new art form. The first challenge to designers was that the new modern dictator was not of the blood royal and prided himself on his common origins,...

Italian Fascist Design, Part One

Design as Theater, Part One Designing for Dictators The history of Italian fascism is one of a movement begun in misadventure, characterized by misjudgments and mistakes, ending in farce. If it is defined by any one term, however, that word would be...

Remembering Louis Vuitton Trunks

The Traveler, the Logo, and the Wardrobe We all pack, wrestling with tiny cases, usually with long handles and wheels, stuffing clothes, cosmetics, and computers into a designated number of inches that can fit between the seats of an airplane aisle, jam into an...

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