The Rise and Fall of Napoléon

Napoléon and the Birth of Modern France Napoléonic Art The small island of Corsica lies just below the Mediterranean coast of France but it was long under the sway of the Italian region. After the war with Genoa, the Treaty of Versailles of 1768 ceded  the island of...

The Enlightenment and Artistic Styles

ART AND THE ENLIGHTENMENT Rococo and Revolution From the early eighteenth century on, the visual arts, from painting to interior décor, were markers of class and harbingers of the Revolution to come. A late expression of the pompous and grandiose Baroque, the soft...

Revolution and Terror in France

UNREASON AND ENLIGHTENMENT The  Revolution and Terror  in France When the American Revolutionary War was waged, the conflict was unpopular both in England and America. Only one third of the colonists supported and participated in the War. And yet the Revolution was...

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